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VASSARI EVENTOS, SL owner of this site, seeks through this formal statement to inform visitors of what is our policy to protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal data that users provide in a free and voluntary.

In exercising serve its customers, VASSARI EVENTOS, SL acquires, stores and transmits information and communications that customers can be regarded as confidential or private.

Some of this information, as the customer's name, address, telephone number and so on., Is given to VASSARI EVENTOS, SL for their clients to request their services.

Other information such as account status of the customer, product categories and selected user's name or identification, is created and maintained by VASSARI EVENTOS, SL in the normal course of its business.

Additionally, VASSARI EVENTOS, SL can save the email client if necessary cree use for communication incident in the purchase order or variations of their products.

1. Data security
VASSARI EVENTOS, SL protect the confidentiality of customer information, accounting information and personal communications to the maximum degree of protection under existing legislation and the interests of VASSARI EVENTOS, Inc., its dealers, their employees and other customers of services VASSARI events, SL To protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information that is gathered by customers, VASSARI events, SL has the means and procedures physical, electronic and management to do so.
2. Election to receive and Amendments
Customers can choose to avoid receiving news of new products or modifications of existing products VASSARI EVENTOS, SL sending a request to:
3. Disclosure of client
VASSARI EVENTOS, SL may not disclose personal information or his client's account unless VASSARI EVENTOS, SL deems necessary to disclose this information to identify, contact or take legal action against anyone who was interfering with the rights of VASSARI Events, Inc., customers VASSARI events, SL or other, or unless the law or any legal authority to require such disclosure. VASSARI events, SL may not disclose, except for the reasons mentioned above, the contents thirds e-mail or other electronic communication that VASSARI events, SL could save or pass on to their customers.
The circumstances by which VASSARI EVENTOS, SL can disclose such information when they are:
1. It is necessary to provide the service or product.
2. It is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of VASSARI EVENTOS, SL or its customers.
3. Be required to cooperate in any legal process.
4. It is necessary to provide a legal authority when the contents violate the regulations in force.
The aim of our privacy is respected as much as possible the existing legislation to protect personal data.

If you have any doubt about the confidentiality or treatment they receive their data as well as whether to exercise any of the information rights, opposition, correction and cancellation legally incumbent, (or any other law which you believe you can attend ) Can be addressed to:

C/ Lobera 13, 28723 - Madrid. Telf. +34 91 141 26 33.

4. Type of data collected.
In accordance with the foregoing by the Organic Law Data Protection (Organic Law 15/99) of a personal nature, their personal data will be included in our automated file.

The collection and processing of personal data has as main purpose:
    1. Collecting basic data billing if it hires a service or data required in the event of free promotions.

      On the web provides various online services in which they demanded the data necessary for the provision of required service.
      Such information is received by VASSARI EVENTOS, SL and is never sold, rented or sold to other companies.

    2. Get the basic information needed to answer queries that we make.
      In the forms of consultation that are on the web is collected information that helps us to answer the question or questions that we raised.
      This information is received by VASSARI EVENTOS, SL and is never sold, rented or sold to other companies.
    3. Knowing they receive visits our websites.
      VASSARI EVENTOS, SL has its server in a statistical program (WebControl) that controls at the aggregate level data general visitors to this site, such as more pages view, countries of origin for visitors and the like.
      The purpose of these statistics is to provide VASSARI EVENTOS, SL an overview of the site and its evolution, always at the aggregate level, and therefore are not controlled visits by people in particular.
    Our company has taken the necessary technical and organisational measures, depending on the security level of data protection it deserves legally, to ensure the safe handling of personal data that make up its computerized file.

    However, the user should be aware that at present security arrangements on the Internet are not foolproof and therefore is not safe from possible intrusions illegal and improper, that would not be responsible for VASSARI event, since she SL has acted with due diligence to protect data determined under the law.

    Our company will do its utmost so that their data are always updated.

    However, the responsibility about the quality of the data depends on the owner of them, so if there is any modification of the data user of the Web to communicate responsible File, declining any responsibility in this case that omitted his obligation to notify changes.
5. Assignment of data to other companies
VASSARI EVENTOS, SL does not sell, rent or gave personal data from users of this website.
6. Receiving e-mails advertising
Occasionally, VASSARI EVENTOS, SL sends an e-mail notifying improvements or developments in this website.
At any time may be scrapped by sending an e-mail to